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Month: July 2023

How an Immigration Lawyer in Richmond Hill Helped Our Client Set Up Shop and Secure Permanent Residence

Moving from one country to another for business or to start a new life is a significant decision that comes with its fair share of challenges and opportunities. For one of our clients from India, the dream of establishing a business and securing permanent residence in Canada became a reality with the invaluable assistance of an immigration lawyer in Richmond Hill. In this success story, we highlight how our client navigated the complex immigration process and accomplished their goals with professional guidance and support.

The Client’s Background and Aspirations

Our client, Mr. Rajesh Kapoor, an entrepreneur from India, sought to expand his business horizons by venturing into the Canadian market. Canada’s strong economy, cultural diversity, and welcoming business environment appealed to him, making it an ideal location to establish a new branch of his successful business.

Alongside his business aspirations, Mr. Kapoor also had a long-term vision of settling in Canada with his family. He wished to secure permanent residence for himself, his wife, and their two children, providing them with a stable and prosperous future in their new home.

Navigating the Complexities of Canadian Immigration

The Canadian immigration system can be intricate and overwhelming for individuals unfamiliar with its nuances. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, Mr. Kapoor sought the assistance of an immigration lawyer in Richmond Hill.

Step 1: Business Immigration Pathway

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Kapoor was eligible to explore the business immigration pathway. Our immigration lawyer carefully analyzed his business plan, ensuring that it aligned with the requirements of the Canadian government. With meticulous attention to detail, we compiled all necessary documentation and submitted a comprehensive application for the Owner-Operator LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) work permit.

Step 2: Setting Up Shop in Canada

Setting up a business in a new country requires thorough planning and execution. Our immigration lawyer in Richmond Hill provided Mr. Kapoor with essential guidance on the process of incorporating a company in Canada, obtaining the necessary permits, and adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.

Step 3: Temporary Work Permit and Transition to Permanent Residence

Upon receiving the Owner-Operator LMIA work permit, Mr. Kapoor was ready to embark on his Canadian business venture. He successfully managed the launch of his company, leveraging his expertise and the opportunities available in the Canadian market.

Simultaneously, our immigration lawyer initiated the process for Mr. Kapoor’s family sponsorship. We carefully prepared and submitted the sponsorship application for his spouse and children, ensuring all necessary documents were included to expedite the process.

Step 4: Permanent Residence and Family Reunification

After diligently following up with the relevant authorities, Mr. Kapoor’s family sponsorship application was approved, and his spouse and children were granted permanent residence in Canada. The family rejoiced at the prospect of being reunited in their new home.

Our immigration lawyer continued to provide support to Mr. Kapoor throughout the settlement process, assisting with essential matters like finding suitable housing, enrolling the children in schools, and familiarizing the family with the Canadian lifestyle.


Mr. Rajesh Kapoor’s journey from India to Canada exemplifies the importance of seeking professional guidance and support when navigating the complexities of Canadian immigration. With the assistance of an immigration lawyer in Richmond Hill, Mr. Kapoor successfully established his business in Canada and secured permanent residence for his family.

This success story underscores the significance of tailored immigration strategies that align with individual aspirations and business objectives. An experienced immigration lawyer can provide a comprehensive approach, from business immigration to family sponsorship, ensuring a seamless transition and settlement in Canada.

If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring immigrant seeking to relocate to Canada, consider reaching out to an immigration lawyer in Richmond Hill. Their expertise and personalized guidance can be the key to turning your dreams of a new life in Canada into a reality. As immigration laws and policies continue to evolve, having a knowledgeable and experienced advocate by your side can make all the difference in achieving your immigration goals.

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