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Immigration Lawyer Helps Assess Your H&C Case

Canada is one of an ideal country in the world for immigration and settlement. If you are a Canadian immigrant and you want to stay in Canada then you can try out for H&C.

What Is H&C Application?

An H&C application is a Humanitarian and Compassion application. In fact, it is a Canadian Permanent Residence application that needs to be filed in the land, i.e., in Canada to the Case Processing Centre (CPC). It lets immigrants stay in Canada for humanitarian and compassionate reasons, while their permanent residence is being processed.

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act allows immigration officers with the ability to grant exemptions on humanitarian and compassionate grounds for overcoming the need to obtain a permanent residence visa.

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How to Qualify for Humanitarian Applications?

This application is for immigrants living in Canada without any legal status in Canada but who have managed to establish themselves in the country by the following points:

  • Family ties to Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents.
  • Savings and property in Canada
  • Volunteer work in Canada
  • Canadian Education without a valid study permit.
  • Employment in Canada without a valid work permit.
  • Upgrading English/French skills.

How H&C Candidate is assessed?                 

A good candidate for such applications is one who has been a resident in Canada for several years or meets the above criteria. Typically, they are applicants who don’t qualify for the permanent resident categories.

The application is assessed on the information provided by the application and a decision will be taken based on the personal circumstances of the applicant. It will also be considered if the circumstances merit consideration under H&C.immigration lawyer

How Can The Lawyers Help?

Canadian immigration lawyer can provide advice on whether one should apply for an H&C exemption, provide an explanation of your legal options, and can make compelling arguments on your behalf. They can argue for you with the help of supported documents that can easily establish your merit an exemption.

Immigration Lawyer Avoids Mistakes

Filling the paperwork correctly is very important for the proper processing of getting a visa, and also for getting a permanent residence in Canada. An expert lawyer can help H&C applicants to walk through the right steps in order to apply for it and get permanent residency.

Helps with the Facts

Immigration lawyers can compile the necessary documents and make legal submissions for your application in order to establish that you are eligible for H&C. It would help you to obtain the privilege that you posse’s strong H&C traits.

Immigration Lawyers Can Provide Advice on Permanent Residency

Immigrants even after getting visa, they have special laws that are applicable to them. An immigration lawyer can help you in understanding these laws so that your status doesn’t get threatened as an immigrant with residency.

Explore Possibilities

A lawyer helps in investigating a candidate’s background such as the social and financial aspects. They can also look into the individual hardship which they or their family will be subjected to in their own country.

The key is to hire an immigration lawyer with experience, knowledge in order to get your job done.